Ella Baché Serenity Skin & Body Care

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Our Therapists


Felicity Menzies

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Fiona Gage

Dip. Beauty Therapy. Cert. Xtreme Eyelash extensions. Fiona Gage is an award winning senior therapist with over 11 years in the industry. Fiona is currently recognized as one of the top Ella Bache therapists in Victoria for services and sales and winning Manager/Trainer of the year for 2012. Fiona specializes in waxing, eyelash extensions, skin analysis and can taylor a specific programme for you.

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Jill Mullan (Manager)

Dip . Beauty Therapy. Jill is an experienced therapist that has gained her qualifications and techniques in the UK. With 18 years as an expert in beauty therapy Jill's passion for the industry has lead her to be currently studying Bachelor of Health in Dermal Therapies Degree at Victoria University. Jill is currently recognized as one of Ella Bache's top therapist for sales and service in Victoria and came runner up for Therapist/Manager of the year 2015. Jill's specialties are waxing (including Brazilian), skin analysis, IPL photo rejuvenation facials and hair removal.

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Kath Healy (owner)

Assoc .Dip in Health Science (Beauty Therapy)Cert. Aromatherapy. Kath started training as a Beauty Therapist 19 years ago.She has worked in local day spas and beauty therapy salons in Geelong and the surf coast and established Serenity skin and body care 13 years ago, She has also owned and operated a second salon in Armadale Melbourne for 3 years. Kath has extensive experience in all aspects of beauty therapy treatments. Kath and her salon have won numerous awards for business development and staff excellence. Awards includes: •Ella Bache's best 1st year Business Award 1998 •Business Development Award 2002 •Runner up Victorian Best Therapist Award 2005 •Business Development Award 2006 •Special Recognition for 10 years as an Ella Bache Therapist 2007 •Victorian runner up Best Manager Award 2009 •Business Development Award 2010 •Ella Bache Humanitarian Award 2010 Serenity remains one of Ella Baches top salons nationally and continues to strive to be a stand out salon and business

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Melissa Miller-MacDonald

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Nicola Stessl

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Sarah Gavin

Dip. Beauty Therapy After being awarded the covered outstanding student achievement award at the Gordan Tafe, Sarah has forged herself as a sort after beauty therapist. Specializing in a variety of massage techniques and make-up artistry. Sarah can look after you and all of your needs

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Shannon Doyle

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