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The Secret to Radiant Skin is in Your Kitchen

Women have always coveted a radiant complexion. Velvety, clear, glowing skin conveys a healthiness and youthfulness that can’t be faked with the most sophisticated cosmetics.


For Ella Baché founder, the trailblazing beauty doyen, Madame Baché, the use of raw, natural ingredients in her skincare formulations was driven by the belief that skin needs essential vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal health and luminosity.

Her pursuit of the best natural ingredients led her to a number of discoveries that are still used to create Ella Baché skincare products; however, one stands out as a true skin superfood – the humble tomato. Baché discovered the power of this popular fruit and became the first cosmetic chemist to integrate it into her products.

The new organic Fruit d’Eclat range and treatments that calls upon the tomato’s protecting, soothing and healing qualities, but it now carries the ECOCERT organic certification. Amongst the environmental advantages, there are also powerful benefits for the skin in using organically produced tomato because of the density of the nutrients it promotes. Tomatoes grown organically offer an abundance of flavonoids, vitamins, oligo elements and minerals. The same cannot be said of the mass-produced variety.

With fitness, environmental awareness and health trumping skinny, unenlightened and gaunt everywhere you look, it’s not hard to see that today’s woman is looking for a bit of balance. Women value their health, the environment and their appearance, and the new organic Fruit d’Eclat range and treatments give them a way to protect all three.

The new Fruit d’Eclat range and treatment also contain the top six nutrients essential to beautiful, glowing, healthy skin:

  • Vitamin A/beta carotene: Maintenance and healing
  • Beta carotene: Reduce redness
  • Vitamin B: Promotes cell regeneration
  • Vitamin C: Balances Ph levels + antioxidant
  • Vitamin E: Slows the aging process
  • Selenium Reduces UV damage.

The Organic Fruit d’Eclat range and treatment is available from all Ella Baché Salons.